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Becoming a driver instructor has many advantages. Firstly, you can plan and arrange your own diary and work as many or as few hours as you wish. Depending on the hours you work, the average instructor taking around 40 lessons a week, you could earn a salary of between £20,000 and £40,000 per annum after expenses. However, setting up in business can be very risky and incredibly time consuming. There are many legal, financial and marketing aspects to consider. Well, with Andy1st driving school training and franchise, you can enjoy the benefits working for yourself brings without all the hassle!

In the current economic climate, salaries are very important and earning enough money to pay the bills and feed the family is imperative. The benefit of taking driving instructor training and becoming a driving instructor is that you can work hours to suit you and your family and you can increase or decrease the hours depending on your other commitments and financial position. Clearly, working more hours will result in larger salary payments.

Coupled with the flexibility is also the job satisfaction element. Being able to teach someone a new skill and watch them grow into a safe, competent and confident driver gives you a real sense of pride and fulfillment. Not only are you teaching someone a new skill and one that stays with them for life but you are also giving them the skills to further their job prospects and their potential for freedom and flexibility. Being able to drive opens so many doors in all different parts of our lives so knowing you are the person to provide this knowledge and training to someone is one to be really proud of.

So, is a job with us as a driving instructor what you are looking for? Let us explain how the process works and you can decide for yourself. This really is a unique opportunity. For a weekly fee of between £65 and £155 we can provide you with all the tools you’ll need to provide the highest standard of driving tuition in the country. These tools include: a car (maintained, serviced and taxed) pupil generation, top box and marketing / advertising. Everything you would have to cover if you were setting up your own business will be covered by us here at Andy1st. You simply take the money from your customers, pay the weekly fee to us and earn your salary!

Our pupil generation process is incredibly effective. We provide huge support to all of our instructors in terms of advertising via local and relevant mediums. We use social networking sites in addition to You will have your own website designed for you and it will be optimised by a professional who will ensure you are in the top 10 with the popular search engines. We do this to start you off but your site will remain as you continue working with us. After a certain period of time our excellent reputation pays off and so many of our instructors get continuous work from pupil referrals and recommendations.    

Our packages are available with a car or without. They aim to meet your needs and preferences. At every opportunity we are flexible and helpful and want you to be absolutely comfortable and happy with the package you choose. We aim to keep costs as low as possible at all times and by offering these different options, we have something to suit everyone. We want to do whatever we can to help you get out there on the road and earning money. If you choose a “with car” option, we are happy to offer a range of stylish, comfortable and reliable cars for you to choose from. They are all very well maintained and in the unlikely event of anything happening to it, it will be replaced within 24 hours.

Our instructors join us for a raft of reasons but the predominant one is for the support and help we provide in each and every situation that arises. From the initial call that comes in from a potential pupil, our staff are working hard to find the right instructor, eliminating any obstacles and putting our instructors’ reputations and livelihoods first. Some of our instructors only want to work a few hours to fit in with children and school pick-ups. Some see it as a full-time job opportunity and work the relevant hours. Others may have retired from other industries but feel the need or just simply want to carry on working. Whatever your reasons are for choosing this career, we have something here that will fit your lifestyle and your financial requirements.

Here at Andy1st driving school we want you to be totally happy with the package you have chosen and with the support we provide. We want to see you flourish and start earning the kind of salary that makes your life more stable and secure. It is a job with benefits in terms of the hours you work and the comfort you have knowing we are right there beside you if you so need it. We want you to have the freedom and flexibility to make this job work for you but still maintaining the high standards of tuition and service Andy1st prides itself on. We have a very high retention rate within our pool of instructors which indicates that the people who work with us are happy with the support they receive from us and feel comfortable with outlays they have.

Please call today to find out more about us as a company and to chat through the various options we have to offer. We really look forward to welcoming you to our team.

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