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Driving instructor training

Earn upto £30k per year!


Welcome to Andy1st driving  instructor training information page. We hope you find everything you are looking for in order for you to embark on this exciting new challenge. You have made a great choice in terms of career and also who to train with as we are completely dedicated to providing exemplary instruction and continued support to all our instructors.

We will look at the benefits of becoming a driving instructor in more detail but the most important factor is you! There are many people out there driving today who could pass the theory test, practical test and other aspects of driving instructor training but not all of them can go on to be a successful and professional instructor. This takes hard work, dedication and patience and that takes a very different and special individual. You will need to work on and practice those skills and learn as much as you can from your tutor.

We offer training with a difference. We don’t want huge fees upfront like other training providers. We operate on a “pay as you go” basis. At £26 per one hour session you will only pay for the amount of lessons you need. We pride ourselves on our commitment to flexibility, reliability and instructor support. To this end, we allow you to have your lessons at a time that suits you so that you can spread the cost and are able to fit it into your daily life. We appreciate that you may still be working another job and are fitting the training in around that. You may need to fit it in around family and social commitments. We try and help in any way we can to make this an easy and enjoyable transition period for you.

Why become a driving instructor?

Well, you’ll find it very difficult finding a job that is so flexible firstly. Many of our instructors are able to fit their work around the busiest of lifestyle schedules! Some may call it “being your own boss” and to a point, that is correct. However, we see it more as being in control of your own diary and being able to provide excellent tuition to our pupils at a mutually convenient time. Yes, you can choose the hours and days you work which is fantastic but be mindful that some pupils may require lessons to fit in with their lives too.

So, flexibility is certainly one of the main reasons people choose driving instruction as a career. Being able to take the holidays you want, doing the school run, maybe studying or getting to appointments is certainly a huge benefit. Also, you can be selective about the location you work in too. You might not want to teach in the area where you live particularly but others prefer to teach close to home.     

When asking our present instructors what they most enjoy about the job, they all said the variety. The different people they meet, the varying degrees of experience (and nervousness!) you encounter and the fact that you are not sat in an office all day long. Everyone is different and we have such diverse learning styles that no day is the same. As an instructor you will be expected to treat all pupils as individuals and tailor a learning package that works for them and suits their needs. This is why no 2 lessons or pupils are the same.

Many people in the workforce today say they don’t get much job satisfaction or feel as though they contribute anything or “make a difference.” Being a driving instructor is very rewarding in many ways. Firstly, you help people overcome fears, you teach them new skills and you help boost confidence. You are also contributing to the welfare of road users and pedestrians by improving the safety of our roads. Giving people the skills, knowledge and experience to become safe and confident drivers is one of the most rewarding things you can do. 

As if these benefits weren’t enough, the pay is pretty good too! It’s hard to say how much an “average” instructor earns as so many of them work so many different permutations of hours that’s it’s hard to work out. Taking the average lesson price of £24 per hour and assuming the instructor works full-time hours, they can earn around £30k per year. The job is safe and the skill stays with you for life. Compared to a more manual job, you could carry on working longer too as long as your health allowed. So why not take the next step and talk to us about our driving instructor training package.

Next Steps – The Qualification Process

The qualification process involves 3 tests which are by no means easy but with hard work and dedication, can be attained successfully. We give as much support and commitment to our instructors as we do to our customers, our pupils and so we will be with you every step of the way. We provide an exceptionally high standard of instructor training delivered by some of the best driving instructors in the country.

Before the training begins you will need:

  • A full, valid driving licence which has includes no more than 6 points. You must have held that licence for at least 3.5 years.
  • A DBS check.
  • To be able to read a registration plate from 27.5 metres (90 feet) away.

Part 1: Theory and hazard perception

Part 1 involves a multiple choice based test. You will be asked 100 questions which will test your knowledge on a variety of topics such as traffic signs / symbols, general procedures, knowledge of cars and controls, driving tests, driving with a disability and different laws. It sounds daunting we know but be assured we will provide you with all the material you’ll need to be able to answer the questions. Your instructor will be on hand to explain anything you’re not sure of and to guide you through the material making sure your level of understanding is secure at all times.

You will also sit a hazard perception test at the time. This shows you clips of driving situations and you have to identify any hazards you see.

Part 2: Driving Ability

We provide you with in-car practical driving tuition and experience to help you achieve an exceptional standard of driving. You will then take a one hour driving test and be expected to negotiate and execute a wide range of traffic scenarios. Many instructors remember this type of test from when they learned to drive but as it’s to assess your ability to be an instructor, it is even more grueling! Don’t worry though! Your instructor will have undertaken an initial assessment of your driving ability when you begin the training and will have noted where your strengths and development areas are. That way, he / she can make sure, all areas are covered and extra time is spent on those areas where you need more support. That individual level of instruction is what we are so proud of here at Andy1st as it is this level of detail that helps us get the best out of you. You are permitted to make up to six minor errors so that should make you feel less worried!

Part 3: Instructional Ability

You will spend as long as it takes to learn and develop the skills you need to train your pupils effectively. The reason we adopt a “pay as you go” training and payment package is because all of our instructors are different. They all have different learning styles, different experiences and varying skills. So, what may take one person 10 hours to achieve may take someone else 30 hours! We tailor the practical training to you, your budget and your commitments. This part of the training and its test assesses your ability to provide instruction to others. The test lasts 1 hour and involves a role play type scenario. The examiner will play the part of a pupil at different stages in their learning and you will be observed and assessed on your skills at instructing and guiding that pupil. There are 2 parts to the test and both parts have to be passed in order to achieve an overall pass. Failing one of the 2 parts will result in you having to take the whole test again.

Again, please don’t let this test bother you as your instructor will have covered everything you need to know in your training. You will learn how to deal with individual’s specific needs, how to gently help a nervous pupil and how to plan lessons and get the best from your pupils. You will learn how to identify driving faults and more importantly, how to rectify them before they become bad or illegal habits!

So, what happens next?

Well you are permitted to unlimited attempts at Part 1 of the test but Part 2 and 3 are only permitted 3 attempts in a two year period. The two year time scale commences from when you have passed Part 1. We want to ensure you are completely ready for your new challenge and so will make sure you have all the skills and experience you need to become a superb driving instructor. We are so excited that you are looking into driving instructor training and are sure you won’t regret this decision.

Our flexible and affordable training package will allow you to train at a pace that is right for you. It can even fit in with your current work and social commitments. With the support and expertise from our instructors coupled with your hard work and determination, you will soon be out there earning money and enjoying your new career. 

The franchise benefits (with or without an Andy1st car) are fantastic and we can offer those to you once you have qualified. You will get a stream of pupils referred free of charge as well as advertising and your own web page. Things couldn’t get off to a better start!

We look forward to hearing from you soon and helping you make this brave and exciting step.


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