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Driving school franchise

So what do you get as a Andy1st driving school franchisee.

  1. New pupils supplied without charge!
  2. Start-up pack and stationery.
  3. Professionally designed web site for your area.
  4. Search engine optimisation for your instructor web site.
  5. An advert in (online business directory)
  6. An advert in all other major driving school directories!
  7. Advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Google+1.
  8. Reduced Decal and Top box costs.
  9. No hidden pupil charges or ‘add on’ costs
  10. In need of sponsorship! We will sponsor you.
  11. Unlimited leaflets delivered to you for your personal use.
  12. Up to 4 weeks holiday per year!
  13. Short term contracts available!!
  14. Regional lesson prices to match your area.

And now also

  • Minimum of 50 booked pupils per annum
  • Free check test training with our grade 6 instructor!
  • CPD Training

New for 2019, save even more money!

With our join up offer.




Why are we so confident we can supply you with the franchise you want?


Please just read the following from Ged and Claire a great souce of information.


They state the following :-

  • "Importance of Google for ADI Franchise Options"

Andy1st own 100% of a web design and SEO company so are on first page for all the areas they have franchisees in! If your not in an area that we already cover don't worry as we will be on first page for that new area in no time at all.


  • “What areas do you cover?”

We are happy to cover any area in Great britain and Ireland.


  • "How many instructors do you have in my area"

We only take on as many instructors that any one area can cope with.


  • "Are your instructors working the hours they want"

The simple answer is yes and if you want we will give you the phone numbers of some of our instructors so you can ask them yourself.


  • "How long to get you to full time hour"

Well in this case I'm sorry but we can not really answer that one. It depends on how busy your area is. We have had instructors join us in the Birmingham area, a nice big, busy city and we have filled their diaries within two days. But we have had instructors join us in a small town called Lydney and it has taken a couple of weeks, (at least we are honest :-)


  • "Do I have to pay extra for pupils"

Simple - the answer is no.


  • "Do you charge a deposit or bond"

We ask for a one off payment of £100 at the start of you franchise (again at least we are honest).


  • "What happens if you can not supply me with work"

Just talk to us, if this is a problem we are here to help, but we have never had this before. There are numerous ways we can help.


  • "Whats the term of you contract"

We don't have a contract we have a terms and conditions. All you have to do is give us four weeks notice and you can walk away.


  • "What are your lesson prices"

Our lesson prices are governed by where you work, we have a regional pricing structure.


  • "What special offers do you run"

We only have one at present, and thats's the first three lessons for £45. But if this is causing problems then again just talk to us.


  • "What area's will I cover"

You supply us with the post code areas you want to work in.


  • "Do you provide any extra training"

Yes we provide free CDP and Chesk test training.


Many thanks to Ged and Clair have a read of their site its full of information. 
Andy1st and Ged and Clair are not affiliated in any way.

Join us as an Andy1st driving instructor today and open up a world of opportunities. You will be in full control, make key decisions and more importantly manage your own diary! As a franchisee you can decide when you work and how you operate and to add even more benefits, we'll support you all the way and provide pupils for you. So read on and see what we can do for you and how working with Andy1st could earn you a good salary whilst working the hours that suit.

So, you may be an approved driving instructor already and are feeling like a change or perhaps not appreciated by your existing driving school. Here at Andy1st we have dedicated office staff who are here to help pupils and instructors alike and are willing to help you out with any query, big or small. Our franchise scheme provides all of our instructors with the support needed to run a profitable and successful business. You may be a PDI who is still undertaking training. That is fine also as we offer a "work while you learn" scheme which will help you become an ADI and at the same time complete your training and gain valuable experience.

So, what are the main benefits to being a franchisee? Well firstly you get to manage your own time and lesson schedule in addition to having the support of our experienced team who are on hand to help whenever you need it. We will market your business, provide advertising material, and promote you via popular social mediums. We regularly use Twitter, Google and Facebook and this proves very successful for our business and so we will ensure you get the maximum coverage possible in these areas. You will have your own web page which is specific to your area that effectively sells the benefits of your business. Not only will your site be professionally designed and written for you, it will be optimised by experts who ensure the sites deliver maximum returns in the various search engines. We welcome testimonials from past and present pupils and so we can get these onto your site quickly ensuring your excellent reputation is talked about.

We will provide new pupils to you without any charge. We also have office staff who will manage various calls and queries from pupils which will allow you to concentrate on what you're qualified to do and that is teach people to drive! Our team can support you managing bookings and taking messages if you so wish. They will chat through the services we offer with new pupils and then assign the relevant instructor to that pupil.

We operate a very professional business and we understand that for a variety of reasons people change or move on or retire. If you had been with us but decided to move on, that is not a problem. There's no contract to sign we would simply ask you to return the Top Box provided. We try and keep things simple yet organised and so offer a very enviable franchise deal. It suits so many of our instructors as it's flexible and very affordable. From just £65 per week you could be on the road, complete with new pupils and advertising, earning your own money and working the hours you want to. We want you to feel empowered, to feel confident of being in control of your business and your diary but we also want you to feel supported and valued. This is a great opportunity to be part of one of the fastest growing driving schools in the country.

Let's run through the flexible payment options for you.

Plan A – Instructor with their own car

From £65 per week for all of the above benefits

Plan B – Instructor requiring a car

From £135 per week for all of the above benefits plus a new car complete with insurance and servicing.

Plan C - Instructor with their own car- part time

From £40 per week with all the above benefits (no guarantee on amount of pupils booked).


So, whichever one of the above payment options you choose you will be on the road and earning money immediately. You'll be armed with a stationery pack, adverts in, sponsorship (if required) and 4 weeks holiday. What is there not to love about this amazing franchise opportunity?!

So with all the tricky legal, advertising, custom and marketing done for you, what have you got to lose? Joining Andy1st will be the best step you've ever taken in your career.

Why are we so confident that we can help make you a success! Why because we have top ranking web sites in virtually every major city in the UK! We have built up a network of over 100 web sites throughout the Uk to ensure that we can supply our franchisees with work. We achieve probably the best overall search engine results of any independent driving school in the UK!



Franchise with car




£210 p/w




£210 p/w



Bill Plant

£172 p/w




£135 p/w



Here are some reviews/comments by our instructors.

Xmas/Birthday Vouchers

Gift  voucher Gift voucher

Struggling to decide what to get someone for their birthday then look no further. We now have on sale our birthday driving lesson vouchers. You can purchase 1 or 100 lessons. Just phone our office to organise payment and delivery.

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You can book 10 hours of lessons with us and we'll give you a discount!

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