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Dual control car hire, leasing and rental for driving instructors.


Andy1st prides itself on delivering an exceptional standard of customer service coupled with a unique style of provinding cars to suit every individual. In order for instructors to feel relaxed and comfortable we believe in producing “the whole package” for them and that means knowing the business and providing a smart, safe and stylish car. From as little as £260.00 per month (including VAT) you could be teaching in one of our amazing cars.

Not only will you be envied by other instructors for having a high quality car, you will be able to teach hassle free! You won’t even have to think about taxing and servicing your vehicle. We not only want to provide an excellent service to our pupils but we want to make life as easy as we can for our loyal, hard-working instructors too. So, by renting a car from us you can forget all those little niggles that come from servicing and repairs and look forward to a smooth journey – in more ways than one.

Why choose car leasing?

Well, firstly, think of how easy it will be being able to budget effectively. With one simple monthly payment everything related to your car – your job – is organised. Once that payment has gone out, you need not worry about anything else. Tax, breakdown cover, repairs and servicing are all covered in one monthly fee!

One of the most stressful things about owning a car is the worry of not knowing when a huge repair bill is going to land on the mat. Just the regular servicing is costly enough without the added expense of unexpected hiccups. With our all-in monthly payment, this worry is eradicated and you will no longer have to worry about finding money if your battery dies or your clutch goes! You will not require a large sum of money at the outset either in order to purchase the car in the first place. Our monthly fee covers the rental of the car per month and all repair costs. To eliminate even more worry, we will also arrange for the car to be taxed and for a policy to be put in place to cover you in the unfortunate event of a breakdown.

As instructors your car is your livelihood and you know only too well the misery and inconvenience it can cause you and your reputation if your car is off the road for any length of time. You’ll drive an inordinate amount of miles as a driving instructor and put your car through some testing situations and the cost of wear and tear on cars these days is on the increase. So, why not take that worry out of the job and leave that to us! Being without your car can be detrimental to your business, your reputation and your pupils. The frustration so many instructors go through when their car is of the road for whatever reason is unbearable. With our leasing contract, you need not worry. We will supply you with a replacement car if yours is off the road allowing you to continue with your work and your pupils to continue with their lessons. There will be no need for you to turn down new enquiries or cancel existing customers thus meaning you can keep earning money!

So, let’s recap on the benefits

For one monthly fee, the following features are included:-

  • The car will be fully Taxed
  • Your chosen vehicle will be replaced in the event of it being off the road
  • Regular servicing plus repairs are covered
  • Breakdown and Home Start is provided
  • He-man dual controls will already be fitted in the vehicle
  • Your car will be replaced every 2 years
  • GPS heads-up display in every car
  • If you are VAT registered you can claim the VAT amount on your monthly rental fee back

So, will there be any additional costs?

At the beginning of the contract we will request 1 initial payment. This will be equal to 2 months rental fee amount. We have differing amounts depending on the vehicle you choose and so following that you will simply make 22 payments of your chosen vehicle rental fee. The only costs you will incur are those of fuel and your regular top up of oils and fluids.

This is a fantastic opportunity to teach, hassle free, in a stylish and comfortable car. Our fixed monthly fee allows you to budget effectively and choose the right car and contract for you. To be able to drive around without the worry and stress of your repair bills or your car being off the road is envied by a lot of our competitors. Taking out one of our leases will be the best decision you’ve ever made.

Please call us today for further information. We would be happy to talk through various lease options with you.

Xmas/Birthday Vouchers

Gift  voucher Gift voucher

Struggling to decide what to get someone for their birthday then look no further. We now have on sale our birthday driving lesson vouchers. You can purchase 1 or 100 lessons. Just phone our office to organise payment and delivery.

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