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Driving Lessons in Essex with Andy1st Driving School

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Our driving instructors supply the best driving lessons at cheap prices in Essex. We use dual control cars that are easy to drive and are replaced every 6 months. To help you in your busy lives our instructors will pick you up from home, work or college.

Choose Andy1st driving school for driving lessons in Essex.

  • Beginners special offer, (see prices page)
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You can Book over the phone by calling 077 077 27 900, or if you prefer you can complete our call back form and we will give you a call.

All our driving instructors are fully qualified in Essex and are registered with the Driving Standards Agency. Driving Instruction that lets you spend less, as our driving lessons are tailored to your needs!

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When you are learning to drive, your instructor will be telling you the way to go, which road to take and to watch out for various road traffic signals. After you have passed your test, you’ll have to look out for signs and make those decisions yourself. Here at Andy1st driving school in Essex we will ensure you are equipped with all the tools required to help you make those decisions. We will teach you valuable skills which will help with your observational and hazard perception techniques.

When driving around, especially somewhere you are unfamiliar with, you will need to keep focused and pay attention to road signs. These will tell you which way to go around a roundabout, whether there are traffic lights or crossings imminent and also give you information on road speed limits and delays. Basically, they are very important to drivers as they are a great source of information.

The earliest road signs gave information on distance and direction and were around in the Roman times and the Middle Ages. The International Road Congress in Rome agreed that road signs should follow a format back in 1908 and that has remained until the present day. Across the world we can see road signs. They are placed at the sides of roads to pass valuable information to road users. To avoid issues with language, many signs have symbols instead of words to break through language barriers.

Whilst driving around you will encounter many road signs. Taking heed of what they are telling you is very important. On roads that you are unfamiliar with, these signs will guide you through and pass on relevant information for your journey. Knowing that a crossing is coming up is useful information to know as a driver because extra care and attention should be taken as there will be pedestrians attempting to cross.

It may seem a strange thing for a driving school to do but we look at data provided by the Department for Transport which highlights areas where a higher than usual number of collisions occur. This proves very useful for our pupils and instructors as they can approach with care and practice driving that route. Becoming familiar with tricky roads or layouts helps build your confidence around them and thus helps you tackle them better. 

So, in Essex the areas where the highest number of collisions happen are Colchester, Basildon and Chelmsford.

In Chelmsford it is the Great Baddow and Springfield areas that come off worse according to the collision data. This is a mixture of slight and serious / fatal accidents that happened in 2013. Specifically, The Parkway, particularly where it meets / crosses Baddow Road is an area where extra care and attention should be paid.

In the Colchester district you should take care around Balkerne Hill, Butt Road, particularly at the junction of the A134 and Cymbeline Way. All these areas are littered with collisions. Finally, in the Basildon area the A13 / A130 should be approached with caution as should Nicholas Lane / Cranes Farm Road.

These “tricky” areas should not be avoided. We would not want you to change your entire route just so that you didn’t travel on any of the above roads. We simply want to highlight these areas so that you can familiarise yourself with them especially if they form part of a regular route for you. Make sure you are confident with the layout, which lane you should be in and the speed restrictions. This will help you keep safe on the roads.  

Xmas/Birthday Vouchers

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Struggling to decide what to get someone for their birthday then look no further. We now have on sale our birthday driving lesson vouchers. You can purchase 1 or 100 lessons. Just phone our office to organise payment and delivery.

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