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Driving Lessons in Stevenage with Andy1st Driving School.

Our driving instructors supply the best driving lessons at cheap prices in Stevenage. We use dual control cars that are easy to drive and are replaced every 6 months. To help you in your busy lives our instructors will pick you up from home, work or college.

Choose Andy1st driving school for driving lessons in Stevenage.

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You can Book over the phone by calling 077 077 27 900, or if you prefer you can complete our call back form and we will give you a call.

All our driving instructors are fully qualified in Stevenage and are registered with the Driving Standards Agency.

Other areas covered, Hitchin

Driving Instruction that lets you spend less, as our driving lessons are tailored to your needs!

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 Hi I'm Steve.  
Pupils tell me I make them feel relaxed and comfortable; this is important as learning to drive can be stressful enough! I try to make my lessons informative but fun and with enough feedback to help you understand how to improve your driving.  If that sounds ok to you give us a call

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  • Nash (Thursday, January 19 17 03:21 pm GMT)

    Steve is a fantastic instructor. Very calm, reassuring and increases confidence. Lessons were very sight full yet fun. Improves your weakness and your all round ability to drive. Fully recommend him to anyone taking lessons.

  • Samantha Hacker (Tuesday, November 15 16 02:29 pm GMT)

    Steve is amazing. He made me feel relaxed and calm. I would definitely recommend him to everyone I know wanting to learn.

  • Lauren Rayner (Monday, November 14 16 02:05 pm GMT)

    Passed first time with steve. Such a good instructor. Would recommend!!!x

  • Beth A (Sunday, October 30 16 01:39 pm GMT)

    Steve is great with nervous drivers and taught me at a pace that really suited me. If you've never driven before or you're anxious about learning, Steve is definitely a good choice of instructor.

  • Natalie Allibon (Tuesday, October 11 16 12:41 pm BST)

    Steve is an amazing instructor. We always had a laugh together and he always made me feel very comfortable. I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with him and I would 100% recommend him to anyone! Thankyou

  • Stacey Etheridge (Friday, September 30 16 10:41 am BST)

    Steve is the best driving instructor out there. Made me feel so comfortable and relaxed yet teaches you everything you need to know.
    I would recommend steve to anybody who's looking to drive 👍

  • Kira (Wednesday, July 20 16 04:11 pm BST)

    Just passed first time with Steve! He was recommended by a friend who's said he was a great instructor. He made me feel comfortable and relaxed whilst driving and also gave me good feedback on how to
    improve/ pass my test. Will definitely be recommending him to my other friends to use in future.

  • Alfie florence (Tuesday, June 28 16 11:35 pm BST)

    17 years old and recently passed my test for the first time after learning with Steve over the last 3 months, recommended to me by a good friend and will continue to refer all of my other friends
    too, great instructor, made me comfortable with driving on the first lesson and throughout, also available most times throughout the week and is fast communication which I feel is important to have
    as an instructor, would strongly recommend Steve and the company!

  • Scott (Monday, June 13 16 03:42 pm BST)

    Steve is fantastic instructor. Calm, patient and brilliant at building confidence.
    Would and will highly recommend him to everyone.
    Thanks Steve

  • AJOKE ADENIREGUN (Tuesday, May 24 16 02:08 pm BST)

    Steve was very helpful in helping me improve in my CONFIDENCE! When I kept telling myself no, he kept telling me yes! He was very patient with me and led me to pass my test first time!

  • Abigail (Thursday, May 12 16 11:19 am BST)

    Steve is the best instructor there is and I highly recommend and think everyone should learn with him. I never thought I'd be able to drive and neither did anyone else, but Steve believed in me and I
    passed first time. Thank you so much steve

  • Abigail (Thursday, May 12 16 11:08 am BST)

    just passed first time! Steve is the best instructor ever, loved lessons with him. Everyone should learn with Steve, I was a terrible driver and never thought I could pass but then I got steve as an
    instructor and now I can actually drive. Thanks Steve

  • Thomas Tunstall (Tuesday, May 10 16 11:20 pm BST)

    Because of my Asperger's, I've always found trying new things hard - especially things that require great confidence like driving. But Steve made learning to drive fun and enjoyable. I was very
    comfortable in talking to him and his patience and confidence in me knew no bounds. I would definitely recommend him to anyone else who's unsure about learning to drive.

  • Simon (Friday, April 29 16 01:09 pm BST)

    Excellent instructor. He's very patient, easy to get along with and a brilliant calming presence in the car. I can strongly recommend Steve to anybody learning with no prior experience. Thank you

  • Sew (Saturday, April 09 16 12:40 pm BST)

    I recently passed my driving test first time in Stevenage. This was down to my amazing driving instructor, not only does he teach you to pass but he teaches you to drive for life. He kept me
    motivated and helped me build my confidence on the road. He is very patient and explains everything very clearly. He is very knowledgeable, friendly and punctual not only is he very professional but
    he made my lessons enjoyable. I would recommend Steve to everyone. He made me a good and safe driver and for that I am forever grateful, thank you so much Steve.

  • Dimitri Verikio (Friday, March 11 16 11:29 pm GMT)

    I got very lucky to have Steve as my driving instructor. A really easy guy to get along with who explained things in a simple manner and always knew how to give your confidence a boost (well, as
    confident as a nervous learner can get anyway!). In fact, I was so happy with his teaching style that even after I moved away from the Stevenage area I still took several long train journeys back
    there to finish my lessons because I didn't want another instructor. I passed my exam with only two minors. Hiring Steve is one of the best decisions you could possibly make.

  • Brendan Freeman (Tuesday, March 08 16 12:47 pm GMT)

    Brilliant instructor helped me pass first time. Gave a lot of feedback throughout which was useful to improve.

  • Paul artesani (Saturday, November 28 15 10:03 am GMT)

    Absolutely brilliant instructor, makes you feel relaxed and confident. I also passed first time, would highly recommend Steve to anybody, he definitely goes the extra mile. Thanks Steve

  • Julian Eastwood (Thursday, November 05 15 12:29 pm GMT)

    Steve has a very calm and patient persona and was a pleasure to drive with. Would definitely recommend to friends and family. Thanks Steve

  • debra pearse (Thursday, October 15 15 08:07 am BST)

    Steve is a fantastic instructor! He is very patient and put me at ease from the first lesson. He's a lovely bloke and made learning to drive fun!
    Highly recommended
    Thanks steve!

  • Jess (Saturday, May 16 15 08:35 am BST)

    Steve is an excellent driving instructor. I have had previous driving instructors that focused purely on how to pass a driving test, whereas Steve actually taught me how to drive! Steve was very
    patient, and flexible with fitting lessons around my full time job. Thanks Steve!

  • Liam Clark (Tuesday, May 12 15 10:44 pm BST)

    Steve is a brilliant driving instructor and he is very professional, but makes you feel relaxed at the same time. He makes sure you know what you are doing and goes over everything very thoroughly.
    He helped me to pass first time with only 2 minor faults. I would definitely recommend him.
    Thanks again Steve!

  • Shiju Jose (Saturday, May 09 15 12:26 pm BST)

    Steve is one of the best driving instructor and nice personality. He is cam, patient and very professional. He quickly identifies the mistakes in your driving and provides the right practice and
    guidance. He helped me to overcome my nervous driving and mistakes to pass the test. I am sure you will be lucky if Steve is your driving instructor. Many thanks Steve.

  • Sally Watkins (Tuesday, April 14 15 03:43 pm BST)

    Absolutely amazing instructor! He's completely honest, extremely easy to talk to, very fun lessons and made me feel completely comfortable and helped me gain a lot of confidence driving. I'm glad I
    got Steve as an instructor. Passed first time today, thanks Steve I wouldn't of been able to do it without you:)

  • Francesca Meaby (Wednesday, April 08 15 11:32 am BST)

    Steve is a fantastic instructor. He is patient, reliable and makes lessons fun. Being a complete novice Steve explained things in a way I could understand and I passed my test yesterday with just one
    I am so pleased I chose Andy1st as my driving school and would recommend them to anyone.
    Thanks Steve!

  • Samantha smith (Tuesday, March 24 15 02:37 pm GMT)

    Steve is a brilliant instructor !! So pleased I chose him when I started driving less then a year ago and passed first time today !! Would deffenttly Sujest him to any one starting to drive !

  • Jamie (Friday, March 20 15 03:52 pm GMT)

    Really happy to have passed my test and glad to have gotten an instructor like Steve, Hes patient, likeable (unlike that Bill Plant instructor) and knows what he's on about, listen to him and he will
    get you passed. Thanks again Steve, best wishes!

  • Joshua Hills (Thursday, March 12 15 04:14 pm GMT)

    Steve's a brilliant instructor and a lovely guy. Very professional. Couldn't have asked for a better instructor, thanks a lot!!

  • Naveen Grewal (Tuesday, March 10 15 06:37 pm GMT)

    Brilliant instructor with alot of patience and great demeanour. I passed my driving test yesterday and thanks alot Steve.

  • Charlotte emery (Sunday, March 01 15 07:54 pm GMT)

    Steve is a great instructor!! My nerves were awful and really made me doubt myself and make silly mistakes. Steve was relaxed and helped me over come my nerves. Brilliant teacher, so much so I passed
    with no minors!! Thank you Steve definitely recommended

  • Stephanie Hannington (Monday, February 09 15 08:10 am GMT)

    I just passed my test with this instructor and did it in super quick time!!! He made me feel relaxed and at ease and was always professional and patient!!! Highly recommended!!!

  • Fiona McKechan (Tuesday, January 20 15 01:13 pm GMT)

    Steve helped me gain a first time pass after a bad experience with another local driving school.

    Steve puts you at ease and makes the lessons fun- highly recommended

  • sukh (Tuesday, January 13 15 04:23 pm GMT)

    Just passed my test today. Steve was my instructor. He made me feel really comfortable and was a great instructor and most of all a really nice guy. I would recommend them to anyone. once again THANK
    YOU very much Steve.

  • Natasha (Wednesday, January 07 15 01:30 pm GMT)

    Fantastic driving instructor! Very and informative and really helps you to relax when driving. I passed first time thanks to this guy! Thank you so much for all your help Steve

  • nicky connor (Wednesday, November 12 14 11:24 am GMT)

    Couldn\'t be happier with steves help to pass first time always felt I took somthing away from each lesson and put me in the right mindset to pass would highly recommend

  • mitch jones (Friday, October 17 14 05:09 pm BST)

    Out of the 3 instructors i had, steve was by far the best. He help me pass my test with flying colours and made me feel at ease every lesson. Thanks for everything steve!

  • Neelesh (Monday, September 29 14 07:16 pm BST)

    I had only one lesson so far but I realised he is a brilliant instructor.Looking forward to next lesson.


  • Rosie Thomas (Thursday, May 01 14 10:41 pm BST)

    Best driver instructor ever well down to earth easy to learn from thanx Steve c ya Tuesday!

  • Trevor Lewis (Thursday, May 01 14 10:38 pm BST)

    Top man, cant say a bad word about him, brilliant , 5 star.

  • Terri Louise Bull (Thursday, May 01 14 10:37 pm BST)

    Excellent driving instructor , easy to get along with and very helpful

  • Laura Rosemary (Thursday, May 01 14 10:36 pm BST)

    Brilliant instructor. Very helpful and always positive. And someone you can have a laugh with.

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If you ask most of your friends and family about their memories of learning to drive they will probably say 3 things. Firstly, how nervous they were! Secondly, how exhilarated they were when they’d passed their test and lastly how different it was driving on their own after the ‘L’ plates had come off. Everyone gets nervous, that’s expected when you embark on something new but your instructor will gently guide you through ensuring you learn everything you need to know for passing your test.

You will have to take 2 tests. Firstly you will have to sit and pass the theory test. This asks you all kinds of questions related to driving rules and regulations and also includes a hazard perception test. After you have passed the theory, you can apply to take your practical test. Your instructor will have to be 100% sure you are ready for this test and a date and time will be sent to you. The practical test takes place in the car you’re learning in but your instructor won’t be next to you, it will be an examiner. They will give you commands to follow and they will expect you to address any obstacles or hazards you may come across.

Every test centre has its own test routes and your instructor will be able to give you an indication of those routes and help you familiarise yourself with the roads. This will help when it comes to the test. All of our instructors have very good local knowledge and can therefore help you tackle tricky roads and junctions in your area. Our instructors are patient and helpful and will help you every step of the way.

Some people prefer to learn in the traditional and methodical way of taking a lesson every week. This helps spread the cost of your driving lessons and you learn at a slower pace. Others want or need to learn quickly for a variety of reasons and so take one of our intensive courses. This bundles all the lessons your instructor thinks you’ll need into one course which usually lasts between 5 and 10 days.

However you choose to learn, Andy1st driving school are here to help. We are committed to improving safety on the roads and equipping our pupils with the skills and knowledge to become safe and confident drivers. To this end we have searched and analysed data which shows areas that have a higher than average number of accidents. Don’t worry, we don’t want you to be put off by this and we don’t want to alarm you – quite the opposite in fact. We want to draw your attention to these areas so that you can apply more care and attention when you encounter them.

The first area we would like to draw to your attention is the main Hitchin Road (A602) which then leads into Lytton Way. This stretch is littered with bumps, scrapes and those far more serious. Close to the Lister Hospital and the junctions of Martins Way (A1072) and Graveley Road (B197) are of particular concern.

The next area to ensure you pay attention to is around Fairlands Way (A1155). There are junctions along this stretch of road that have a high number of collisions particularly the junctions with Grace Way, Lytton Way and St. George’s Way. Ensuring you apply care and attention in these areas will help keep you safe.

Six Hill Way where it meets Lytton Way and where it meets the B197 London Way are also accident hotspots.

Lastly, Broadhall Way close to Knebworth House also has its fair share of road traffic accidents. Where the A602 passes over the A1(M) is a particularly dangerous spot.      

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Book your theory test

Book your theory test

6th Floor, Southgate House, St Georges Way, 

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