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Our driving instructors supply the best driving lessons at cheap prices in Redditch. We use dual control cars that are easy to drive and are replaced every 6 months. To help you in your busy lives our instructors will pick you up from home, work or college.

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You can Book over the phone by calling 077 077 27 900, or if you prefer you can complete our call back form and we will give you a call.

All our driving instructors are fully qualified in Redditch and are registered with the Driving Standards Agency. Driving Instruction that lets you spend less, as our driving lessons are tailored to your needs!

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Staying safe on the roads is what some people would call a “no-brainer.” Why is it then that a high number of new drivers still have accidents in their first year of driving? Well, sometimes it’s a lack of confidence, other times it can be down to the lack of experience of that driver but what needs to be understood is that new drivers have the opportunity to gain that necessary experience by taking a course available to all new drivers.

Pass Plus driving lessons Redditch are a Government initiative borne from the need to reduce the number of accidents involving new drivers. The course provides extra tuition for situations the new driver may not have encountered in their lessons. Pass Plus courses help by giving much needed experience to new drivers in different driving scenarios such as driving on the motorway or in bad weather. Tackling these situations for the first time certainly tests the most confident of drivers and so getting as much help and guidance as you can is key.

It is not a legal requirement to take one of these courses, the choice is yours you could take one of these or an intensive driving course Reddtich but those who do decide to embark on either course after they’ve passed their test usually receive healthy discounts on their insurance premiums as you are deemed a better driver for having taken the course. You will receive a certificate for taking all 6 lessons and a copy of that is usually required by your insurance provider.

There are many other ways in which you can maximise your safety on the road, the main one being to limit your distractions and we will show you how during your driving lessons redditch. Many road collisions are caused by drivers being distracted. Whether that is by passengers in your car, things going on around you or some electronic device, losing your concentration could end up having catastrophic effects for you and those around you. It’s imperative that you stay focussed at all times.

We take the safety of our pupils very seriously and provide an excellent standard of driving lessons Redditch to all those who choose to learn with us. We won’t just teach you the basics of learning to drive, we will teach you much more besides. Our instructors pay particular attention to honing your observational techniques and making sure your hazard perception skills are good. These areas of driving will help you make important decisions whilst you’re driving and ultimately keep you safe on the roads. It may seem like a strange thing for a driving school Redditch to do but we look at data produced detailing road collisions in local areas. This is not in attempt to scare all our pupils, totally the opposite actually! We identify areas where a large number of collisions are recorded in order for us to warn you about them and allow you and your instructor to become familiar with them and practice them.

Intensive driving courses Redditch.

We don’t want you to avoid these areas, we want you to tackle them, to become accustomed to their tricky lane set ups or traffic signals. By making you aware of these hotspots, you can approach them, with your instructor, taking great care and applying ample concentration. That way, you will build up confidence when travelling these routes and avoiding accidents.

The areas where a higher than normal number of collisions were reported in Redditch were mainly on the A441 Alvechurch Highway particularly where it crosses over the Coventry Highway. Again, where the A441 turns into the Alcester Highway at the island with Rough Hill drive is an area where great care should be taken. There were also a high number of collisions reported on Woodrow Drive near Park Farm Industrial Estate so take care when driving along that route.

Redditch doesn’t have a terribly high number of road collisions which is great news but equally, it doesn’t have a completely clean slate either. Please take particular care and attention on the roads we have highlighted and remember to stay focussed at all times.

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